Muriel Petrikovsky


Muriel Petrikovsky

Muriel Petrikovsky is a singer, songwriter and artist. She spent her early childhood in the high plateaux of Madagascar in a family of holocaust survivors who gave her the love for art and the inner quest.


Her family moved to the Caribbean Islands and Polynesia and finally settled in Paris when she was 12 years old.

Muriel received her Master degree (French degree) in Modern Letters at the Sorbonne (prophéties dans l’oeuvre de St-John Perse), spent 2 years in the Beit Midrash Lamorot for high Talmudic studies in Marseilles and explored the inner dimension of the Torah at Machon Chana in Brooklyn, NY. She studied opera in a French conservatory and was trained privately in the US by Mrs. Elaine Malbin from The Metropolitan Opera. She is currently working on her third CD and on many other projects including a book of short stories, children’s books, the tale of Aldoudali, and a coffee-table book named Sound of the Thundering Soul.

Muriel lives in New York with her family. She likes to sing and lecture around the world for she remembers her childhood: Travelling through the haunting endless roads of the earth, little did she know at that time how her love for the land would bring her, with the slow rhythm of the gondolas*, towards the land of love.

Several lives are necessary to access the level of selfless love. The slow rhythm of the gondolas illustrates the humility and the patience of one who wants to reach the “..Lace of the loving being where so much wind is passing..”, to climb slowly from plateaux to plateaux, from keter to Keter*, the infinite mountain of love.

*Keter means crown in hebrew, and is connected with the word Ketara, which is patience.

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